What is Chiropractic?​

Chiropractic is a paramedical Science that concerns itself with maintaining the normal function of the nervous system. Since the nervous system is the main mechanism of communication and control used by the brain, any interference with the flow of information along nerves may lead to a break down in function and eventually pain, degeneration and disease in the body. 

In Australia, Chiropractors complete a 5 year+ minimum training that in NSW involves a Masters degree from Macquarie University. As Chiropractic is a government registered profession, all chiropractors must maintain a standard of ethics, professionalism and continuing education in order to remain registered, just like physiotherapists and medical practitioners. Chiropractors are lawfully permitted to use the title “Doctor”

Why Is Your Spine Important?​

Most people associate chiropractors with spinal problems such as back ache and headache. The reason for this is that the spine acts as both a structural support for the muscles and bones as well as a protective housing for the spinal cord and its nerves. Poor posture, repetitive strain and injuries can lead to twisting and deterioration of the discs, muscles, ligaments and membranes of the spine that can result in inflammation or scarring around the delicate nerves that exit each level. Severe or chronic deterioration can manifest as pain, weakness and spasm of the back and neck and often leads people to make their first visit to a chiropractor, but most people are not aware of the other, more serious effects of nerve pressure until they begin to suffer from sciatica, pins and needles, numbness or tingling in their arms and legs.

Evidence & Research​

Chiropractic education and research is better than ever and improving in quality and professionalism at a remarkable pace. While there is a long way yet to go,  many government inquiries over the years have recommended the wider adoption of chiropractic into the mainstream health system, and several studies have been done over the years indicating that chiropractic care has shown iteslf to be remarkably safe, in spite of the myths many people hold about it. 

Emphasis On Lifestyle And Wellbeing

With all of the harmful effects of bad posture, sitting, stress, poor diets and pollution causing ever more distortion to the human nervous system, chiropractors have always strongly believed in preventative check-ups to catch the effects of those distortions to allow the body to heal as effectively as possible. 

Of course, there is more to health than just good posture. Proper diet, a positive mental state, adequate rest and recreational exercise are also vital. Chiropractors provide advice on many of these areas, including exercise, diet and proper posture. They also refer patients to other health professionals when a particular need arises, and should always refer to a medical practitioner for serious or life threatening conditions. Chiropractic care has withstood the test of time. Time and again it has been shown to be safe and effective. Techniques continue to evolve and be refined, adapting to changes in technology, understanding and lifestyle.

Ready To Walk Tall Again?

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